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Josh Ham


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Josh Ham has been playing bass since 12, but has been surrounded by music all of his life. He was raised in a very musical house; his mum is a classical pianist, his dad a jazz saxophonist, older brother a metal guitarist, and his younger brother a hip hop dancer.

After having gigged the Melbourne scene for a few years, Josh began touring the globe at just 21 years old. He has played with varying groups of all styles, including: Soul, Reggae, Hardcore/Prog, Electronic, Folk, and Alternative. He’s now globetrotting with Planetshakers, reaching over 150 nations worldwide with his big & bold bass playing. Josh is also an esteemed DJ and a music producer for Planetboom, Planetshakers church’s youth band.

Josh has performed live for millions, sometimes hundreds of thousands at a time, but is much more passionate about performing for an audience of One. To quote Jurassic 5, “if you ain’t giving God the praise then it’s useless.”

“My BN is by far the easiest, most playable instrument I’ve used to date. The sound is big but sensitive, clean but punchy, and works well in any gigging/studio environment. I love that it sounds like me and that it feels like home.” – Josh Ham