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AJ Brown

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Anthony “AJ” Brown is a well-rounded and classically trained bassist who loves music production and creating musical arrangements. AJ has a work ethic, retention ability, and a love for music that has allowed him to excel in the music industry. He graduated from North Carolina Central University (NCCU) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Music Performance. While at NCCU, AJ performed at jazz festivals where he won multiple awards, including best soloist. AJ plays the bass with an attention to detail that allows him to create music that is both soulful and technically sound.  

During his career AJ has performed with Jazz Artists – Branford Marsalis (Mentor), Joey Calderozzo, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Adam Nussbaum, Jerry Bergonzi, Jimmy Heath, Ed Thigpen, and Terrell Stafford – Gospel Artists – Karen Clark-Sheard, Kirk Franklin,  Shirley Ceasar, Myron Butler, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton & New Breed and Kim Burrell – Rap/R&B Artists – Snoop Dogg and Chrisette Michelle – Jazz/Fusion Artists – Ghost Note.  AJ is also one of the Musical Directors at the Potters House of North Dallas.

“I play a variety of music from various genres, so I was looking for a special bass that I could play on any gig or session. F Bass has helped me to do that and has exceeded my expectations! F Bass allows me to use multiple sounds and tones and is unbelievably smooth, consistent, and authentic. It’s the best bass that I have ever played. I am happy to be a part of the F Bass family.” – AJ Brown