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Alex St. Kitts

Solo / Session Artist

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Alex St. Kitts is a Toronto born bassist/singer/songwriter who’s passion for music has taken him around the world. From playing shows such as the American Music Awards with Pop-R&B artist Francesco Yates, the Much Music Video Awards with international superstar Ed Sheeran, to sharing the stage with greats such as Canadian Alternative Hip-Hop legend K-OS, Michelle Treacy, SATE, Tony Royster Jr., Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace), Alyssa Reid, Adrian X (Drake), Mike Stern, JP Saxe, Slakah The Beatchild, The Cliks, Gia & The Unpredictable Update, Francesco Yates and many more. In addition to being a sideman, Alex has followed up his 2017 solo project “The Projektor”, with his latest release entitled “The Light”.

“The first thing I noticed when I picked up an F bass was the effortless playability, and then the numerous amounts of amazing tones I could get. I could play what I heard in my head instantly. That kind of craftsmanship comes from people who really care about what they do, and it shows.”