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Anthony Wellington

Session Artist / Educator

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Anthony Wellington is one of the most sought after bass teachers in the world today and long time holder of the coveted 2nd bass position in the Victor Wooten Band. He’s been featured in many publications including Bass Player Magazine, and in 2009, readers awarded his feature as “best non-cover article of the year”. He has a uniquely thorough teaching style which combines one-of-a-kind mathematical analysis with abstract concepts and legwork.

When not teaching 80-100 students a week at his lesson headquarters “Bassology” in Waldorf, MD, he teaches at “Inspire Music” in York, PA once a month. He has expanded his teaching worldwide and conducts private lessons via Skype. Anthony also owns and operates AntFarm Recording Studios in Calvert County, MD.

“Although there are many luthiers specializing in electric bass in the world, there aren’t many I would put in the great category. George Furlanetto is one of the few great luthiers on this planet, and he’s a sweetheart of a man” – Anthony Wellington