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Charles Spearin

Broken Social Scene / Do Make Say Think / Feist

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Broken Social Scene Website

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Feist Website

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Charles Spearin is an original member of the influential Toronto indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene, co-founder of the art-rock ensemble Do Make Say Think, as well as a touring musician for celebrated Canadian songstress Feist.

In 2010 he won a Juno for his critically acclaimed solo album “The Happiness Project” in which, by artfully playing with the cadence and rhythms of his neighbor’s voices, he arranged recorded interviews as though they were songs. Altogether, Spearin has won 4 Junos and he continues to be an active, influential member of Canada’s thriving music community.

“Finding adjectives to describe tone is always difficult without falling back on cliches, but maybe I could try some new analogies. When I first played my new F Bass, it felt like I was in a pillow fight with a professional boxer, like getting into a snowball fight with balls of warm pizza dough, like I was shaking out a heavy shag carpet in a blizzard of marshmallows, like Jupiter crashing into Saturn; or maybe, like a blurry orgy of drunk camels drowning in purple molasses. OK, I’m reaching, there clearly isn’t an easy way to describe these sophisticated sounds.” – Charles Spearin