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David Adamiak

Covet / Vesper Sails

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David “quickdra” Adamiak is best known for his work with the California based instrumental rock trio “Covet”, founded in 2014 by guitarist Yvette Young. As an original member he has written, recorded and performed live with the band on their three recordings and numerous North American and International tours. In between work with “Covet” he acts in a similar capacity with SF Bay Area rock outfit “Vesper Sails”. Recognized for his spirited stage presence, dry observational humor and massive pedalboard, David considers music as his path to infinite possibility and expression.

“My BN-4 is a true workhorse, it plays lighting fast, responds even faster and the electronics give it an unmatched versatility unlike anything I’ve managed to get my hands on. The passive/active feature works in perfect tandem with my effects rig and allows me to pull some truly unbelievable sounds out of my gain boxes I haven’t been able to achieve previously. I absolutely love this axe!!” – David