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PJ is the animated bassist from multi platinum rock/pop/funk ensemble, Jota Quest (Sony Music), one of Brazil’s most recognized groups. Nearly 2 decades, 8 albums, and thousands of shows later, they’ve been graced with a pair of Latin Grammy awards including this year’s Best Latin Rock Album. Their last release “Funky Funky Boom Boom” also reached top ten charts in Latin America, while the first single from their current album “Mandou Bem” (featuring Nile Rodgers) is an international hit. PJ has been blessed to share the stage and studio with other artists including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jerry Barnes, Nile Rodgers, Carlos Santana, and Roger Waters.

“I love F Bass’ fast and stabile necks, not to mention the perfect tone with just the right amount of attitude! F Bass rules!” – PJ