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VF Series

The VF Series captures the vibe and tone of the vintage ‘60s and ‘70s industry staples.

AC Signature

A big clear voice to hold down a groove and an extended range fingerboard with easy access for soloing


These little gems produce lovely shimmering chime, but offer the familiarity of a 12 string guitar—simply tuned up an octave.

AC Classic

While it still maintains the same sleek feel and expressive nature of the original, it takes our acoustic tone to new heights.

BN Series

While it has roots stemming from the original Jazz Bass, it has slowly morphed into our signature sound, feel, and look.

About F Bass

F Bass Inc was founded by George Furlanetto in 1978 — way back when 5 & 6 string bridges had to be fashioned from two 4 string bridges. After years of experience restoring instruments during the late 60’s and 70’s, he felt there was significant room for improvement. So he set out to create his own unique instruments that amalgamated everything he had learned.

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